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We are a dedicated team of guest posting experts with one mission: to handle your outreach strategy and campaigns. We start by finding relevant websites for your business, we negotiate the terms of our collaboration, we write original content for you and make sure you get you a powerful link.

Benefits of our Expert Roundups

Publishing an expert roundup on your website has lots of benefits and the most important one is that it will place your brand, products or services, on the same map with top influencers and bloggers. You’ll also earn the kind of backlinks Google loves: from bloggers and media outlets, targeting your niche in a natural way.

  1. Earn Quality Backlinks From Niche Relevant Websites.
  2. Get Thousands of Visitors, Social Media Shares, and sales.
  3. Get your Brand and Products recognized and mentioned by Experts.
  4. Establish Relationships with Bloggers and Influencers in Your Industry.
  5. Get High-Quality Content For Your Website.
  6. Rank Better in Google For Competitive Keywords.
  7. Rank For 100’s Of LSI Keywords Over Time.
  8. Get Featured In Relevant Digital Magazines and Blogs About Your Expert Roundup.
  9. Save you 50+ working hours as we create the expert roundup from A to Z.

Example of Live Expert Roundups

Here are several roundups created by us or we added our contribution as experts:

15+ Experts Discuss the Need for a Social Media Bot in 2018

Proven results

Here you can see the exact results of two roundups we created. Notice the large number of shares and acquired backlinks.

14592 visitors and counting
900 new social media followers
2200 social media shares
22 high-quality backlinks
122 email subscribers

Expert Roundup Creation Service from A to Z

#1 – Research

First, you tell us more about your industry and what are your expectations.

We will prepare the expert roundup (make the plan, research and write the perfect question we will ask the experts, come up with enough experts to cover your chosen package).

The experts for our roundups are mostly industry experts and topic related bloggers.

#2 – Initial Outreach

With the list of experts in hand, we send every expert a personalized e-mail and invite them to participate.

We use short and to the point, templates to ensure positive responses.

We also send the experts that didn’t reply to our first e-mail a ‘reminder email’ to make sure they don’t miss out.

#3 - Creating The Roundup

Now that we have the desired amount of experts, we start combining all the responses.  

We also write a unique ~ 350-word intro to go along with the post, find a corresponding image, and create a conclusions paper that we will use it later to promote more the roundup. 

At additional costs, we can design an infographic.

#4 - Final outreach

We publish the expert roundup online and email all roundup participants inviting the participants to link to the expert roundup or share it on social media.

This always generates at least 3000 unique visitors, 400 social media shares and 15 white-hat backlinks.

#5 - Expert Roundup Promotion

We take the things one step further and we promote the expert roundup to magazines, newspapers, blogs, and influencers in your niche sending them the conclusions paper and a link to the expert roundup.

That’s a sure way to spread the word about your company across your industry.

Our Pricing Plans

Bronze Plan

  • Experts: 25+
  • Delivery: 3 weeks
  • Conclusion Paper: No
  • Roundup Promotion: Yes


Silver Plan

  • Experts: 35+
  • Delivery: 4-5 weeks
  • Conclusion Paper: Yes
  • Roundup promotion: Yes


Gold Plan

  • Experts: 45+
  • Delivery: 5-6 weeks
  • Conclusion Paper: Yes
  • Roundup promotion: Yes


Custom Plan

  • Experts: Preferential
  • Delivery: Preferential
  • Conclusion Paper: Yes
  • Roundup promotion: Yes

We Talk

Our guarantee

  • We have established good connections so we will reach the best and most influential experts in your niche and industry.
  • The question for the roundup is created to become viral and will spread your brand name across your niche.
  • You will get highly targeted traffic to your website that will continue to flow for many months.
  • You will earn white-hat, highly targeted backlinks to your website.
  • We will write a conclusion paper that will be used by journalists, media, and agencies for their research.
  • We follow a strong legal and ethical internet-etiquette.
  • Mediadigi Ltd is a real, registered company and we can provide an invoice for our services.
  • In a very unlikely case, we can’t deliver what we promised we will fully refund your purchase.

Order an Expert Roundup

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of expert roundups?

Publishing an expert roundup on your website has lots of benefits and the most important one is that it will place your brand, products or services, on the same map with top influencers and bloggers. You’ll also earn the kind of backlinks Google loves: from bloggers and media outlets, targeting your niche in a natural way.

When I will start seeing results?

After your expert roundup is published on your website, you will start getting tons of traffic almost immediately. Most likely, you’ll also gain new followers on your social media accounts. After several weeks you will start seeing backlinks from bloggers and media outlets that wrote about the expert roundup.

What is the turnaround time?

After we receive the order we will contact you to get all the details and will start contacting the experts. You will get updates on how the order is processed. Depending on the number of experts requested an order can take up to 6 weeks. If you don’t get a reply from us please contact us to look up your order.

Do Expert Roundups work in my niche?

Expert Roundups works on almost any niche as long as there are bloggers and experts in that niche. These are the preferable way to earn links in difficult niches like adult, psychology, gambling etc.

Will the expert roundup produce an effective ROI?

From our experience we can confirm it will as you will get a nice piece of quality content that will bring results for many years to come (as long as the opinions in the roundup are not obsolete).

Can you give me some 1-on-1 help?

We are really passionate about content marketing and we love to share our knowledge. So contact us to book a free consultation.

Still have questions. How can I contact you?

You may contact us through the main contact page. or directly by sending us an email at contact{at} We are really passionate about what we are doing and love to tell you more and answer your questions.

Need more details? Contact us at contact{at} or fill the form on the contact us page. We will get back to you in max 2 business days.

Contact us



Features of our service

High-quality Original Content

We believe in creating lifelong and outstanding value for your brand, that’s why our in-house writers diligently research and craft content. We always write informative articles that bring value to their readers and rank well in search engines. Our portfolio includes a series of guest posts on websites like, and many more.

100% Manual outreach

Our strategy involves a professional guest posting team, with the mission to perform a 100% manual outreach. This means we never use automated services in our work.

We’ll find and choose the most relevant websites for your business in order to get you valuable links.

Strong In-Content backlinks

We provide a successful strategy for you to get natural and high-quality backlinks. All the original guest posts created by our in-house writers provide the perfect context for a link to your website. Your improved link profile will definitely reflect in terms of traffic and rankings.

Sharp reporting

Transparency is one of our core values, that’s why we’ll provide you with a monthly report containing the work we’ve done for you and links to the published guest posts. We’ll also specify Domain Authority & Domain Rating for the websites we’ve decided to post on.

Powerful connections

Each of our team members has a significant experience in guest posting. It’s only natural that in time we’ve created lots of and valuable relationships with professionals in charge of authority websites. That’s why we honor most of our contracts in maximum 30 days.

You control what we publish

Since your business is our priority, we always try to improve your brand value. You have final control over the guest posts we write for you and the websites on which we decide to publish.

Because only you know what is the optimal pick for your business.

Brands we helped already:

Order Guest Posting & Outreach Service

In the form below, select the type of website you want your brand to be mentioned on. We will find the best websites and send them to you for approval.

* For orders larger than 750 USD we also accept Bank Wire transfers. Contact us for details.

No Questions Asked Money-back Guarantee

If for some reason we can not publish your article in the time frame agreed, or you are not happy with the purchase, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase without any questions asked from us.

Just email us or send a contact request and we will fully refund your purchase in max 3 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by guest post outreach?

Guest post outreach is the process that helps us discover relevant websites to publish content. We draw up an extensive list of real sites and blogs that are relevant to your niche. Then we make sure the sites have good metrics, relying on Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, Moz Domain Authority and Moz Spam Score. The next step is to contact the blog, pitch our ideas and choose an appropriate topic. We write a high- quality article on the agreed topic and they handle the publishing.

What is our area of expertise?

The industries we are most experienced in and have a lot of connections are Finances, Digital Marketing, Business, Fintech, SEO and Social Media. However, we are more than pleased to work with you, if the niche of your business fits our company’s profile. That’s because we believe in the revealing power of research.

When will I see my results for Guest Post?

Moz recently published a study that links on average can take up to 10 weeks to take full effect. However, we have seen results much quicker than that as well, usually within the 3-4 week range. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround for this service is approximately 30 days. This time frame is longer because we handle this process 100% manually. In our experience, a faster turnaround means a low-quality service. We focus only on delivering high-quality services for our customers. Sometimes it can take us less than 30 to complete the process, depending on the outreach period and the disponibility of third parties.

What does DA (Domain Authority) stand for?

Domain Authority represents a scale from 1-100 that estimates the possibility of a website to be placed in search engine results. Domain Authority functions logarithmically, which means that the transition for a site from a DA10 to a DA20 is easier and transitioning from DA30 to DA40 is much more difficult. Find out more about Domain Authority here. You may check the DA of a particular site using Moz’s Link Explorer.

What keywords can I use?

Considering that the links we provide you are high quality and in-content, you are more than welcome to use your exact or partial match anchor text but make sure you are linking to valuable content. Otherwise, these publications may not approve your link, especially if they consider it SEO driven.

What kind of anchors you don’t accept?

Here are a few of them:

  • Geo based keywords (IE, baker LA, baker in LA)
  • Pharma, adult and any other grey niches
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Firearm-related niches
  • Non-English keywords

What happens if my links go down?

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad for 120 days. This usually doesn’t happen, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.

If you need more details you may contact us at contact{at} or by filling the form on the contact us page. We will get back to you in max 2 business days.

Questions? We have answers.