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10 Key SEO Trends For 2019 That You Should Know

As we are in the new year of the 21st century, Google is exploring different avenues to help users with their queries by providing relevant answers in the go.

After all, Google has a managing reputation, and it can only be done when it will keep updating itself and offer quality recommendations.

As Google focuses more on users’ search queries, it’s getting difficult for website owners to rank in the SERPs with their content. But yes, with the help of the best SEO Agency, you may find out prominent results in a limited time.

According to B2B Digital Marketing Agency JumpFactor, to create a prominent role in the search engine, it’s not just the content but how businesses are optimizing it, matters too.

Let’s have a look at some of the key trends that can help you optimize your website and come into Google’s good books.

#1. Voice Search

With the launch of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, voice search is one of the most popular trends.

Assuming that Google is slowly transforming from a search engine to an answer engine, it won’t be wrong.

People have started communicating with these personal assistants to ask questions from Google. Instead of providing website links to the users, Google prefers showing answers directly in the search results.

To address users’ queries or solve common problems, you can write blog posts, web copies, and sales copies. These will help you provide valuable resources, improve user experience, and gain more visibility and authority in the search engines.

#2. Mobile-First Indexing

With Google’s announcement of rolling out its “mobile-first indexing” approach, it is on everyone’s mind.

Earlier, ranking factors for Google used to be your pages’ desktop version and content, but with this new strategy, Google will give more preference to the mobile phone version of your content to index and rank.


Thus, you have to ensure that you keep the desktop and mobile sites’ experience similar and have primary content such as meta title and description, including structured data for both versions.

#3. Brand as a ranking signal

Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has stated that Google uses online brand mentions in its search algo. There’re two ways it can use a brand as a ranking signal.

First of all, through unlinked brand mentions, the search engine learns that your brand’s an entity. By further analyzing all the properties mentioning it, Google gets a better picture of your authority in a particular field.

Second, each component’s sentiment and context matters reputation, trust, advertising, complaint-solving, etc. Through context, Google learns to tell the good from the bad.

For example, its Search Quality Guidelines state that reputation matters for rankings. Consequently, the sentiment around brand mentions can affect the site’s rankings.

#4. Create Unique Awesome Content

As per Google’s new algorithm, this tech giant will focus more on content quality and the depth and length of the website content.

Websites including in-depth quality content will soar in ranking as compared to those websites that lack such quality. Instead of creating content, just keep your blog section live, work more on its quality.

One approach to creating high-quality content is to generate articles, guides that can solve a problem, make a sale, get a lead, help with link building, and motivate users to connect with you.

How to create great curated content
How to create great curated content

Content strategy is all about using engaging language to guide users to perform the desired action.  

#5. Structured Data Markup

As AI has become increasingly important for one of the biggest search engines, Google, the significance of structured data has increased. Most probably, Google will shift from a mobile-first to AI-first approach, structured data markup is going to play a crucial role.

You should have structured data whenever and wherever possible. If Google faces difficulties in crawling your website and find relevant information, then the AI technology you use on your website will be of no use.  

How to Implement Schema To Improve Your SEO [Complete Guide]
How to Implement Schema To Improve Your SEO [Complete Guide]
If you are strange to structured data, active and passive search, and schema, still you can learn how to implement Schema today and let users find answers to their queries easily.

#6. Featured Snippets

In case you are not familiar with this term, featured snippet, let’s discuss it briefly. Featured Snippets are search result format that provides a concise answer to users’ queries directly at the SERP without making users check or click any other specific results. It is also known as the Position 0 result.  

In the picture below, you can see a featured snippet for the term “outreachbuzz lifetime deal” given to the website instead of the original website outreach. Buzz. There may be several possibilities this happens, but most probably because has higher authority and trust, as we talked about previously in this article.

Google Featured Snippet Example
Google Featured Snippet Example

To solve users’ queries in a minimal time frame, Google provides a top spot to the featured snippets. Google shows this format at the top for several keywords and multiple types: it can be a list, table, or small paragraph.

#7. Video content

High-quality images are considered as one of the key aspects of a successful content strategy. It not only improves the look and feel of the content but also enhances user engagement.

Apart from that, it’s one of the most underutilized factors on a company’s website when it comes to video. But the reality is, by the year 2021, video content will be able to account for around 80% of web traffic.

Adding relevant, high-quality videos on your landing pages and promoting them on various social media platforms will surely help you increase dwell time.

Video Content Ideas that Work for Small Businesses
Video Content Ideas that Work for Small Businesses

#8. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in the way SEO will change in the upcoming time. Google is already using AI technology extensively with its Rankbrain system. It’s a bot that is constantly improving Google’s search results using machine learning.

The bot finds patterns and the context in thousands of pages that can help search engines return relevant results for specific queries.

How AI Can Help Your Business Grow
How AI Can Help Your Business Grow

#9. Technical SEO

It has been assumed that SEO is a concern for content creators and marketers. But the truth is developers should also know the technical SEO. The term ‘Technical SEO’ refers to ensure that your website is fully compatible with the standards mentioned by Google and other search engines.

Technical SEO Audit Guide
Technical SEO Audit Guide

The main aspects of technical SEO are mobile friendliness, page speed, and site security. Other aspects that come under technical SEO are:

  1. Site Architecture: You should have a logically designed website that will make it easier for the crawler to catalog and index your pages, thus help you improve rankings.
  2. Duplicate Content: Google and other search engines penalize websites that feature the same content in multiple locations.
  3. Rich Snippet: This is a markup type that adds additional information to your web pages, helping them stand out in more search results.
Advanced SEO For E-commerce Websites [7 Best Practices]
Advanced SEO For E-commerce Websites [7 Best Practices]

#10. On-page Optimization

On-page optimization has been considered the top aspect for a long time, and this trend is expected to increase in 2020.

Having a proper on-page strategy works like a miracle for the websites that we cannot get organic traffic. There is no denying the fact that off-page SEO or link building is important to improve website ranking. Still, many companies are investing heavily in the on-page optimization strategy.

Here are some key metrics for website optimization

  1. Content that can address common user queries
  2. Make sure that the internal site search will provide relevant results
  3. Minimize the conversion process
  4. Ensure that returning customers can access commonly purchased products simply.
  5. Customer care service should quickly respond to the queries related to the business.
  6. Use chatbots to reduce the burden for basic questions and procedural, repetitive tasks.
  7. Website users should easily navigate to the locations.
  8. Targetting relevant users as per their fulfillment funnel stage.

Wrapping Up,

With the continuous advancement in technology, there are many updates and changes are expected in SEO strategy in the upcoming year.

Businesses are focusing as well as investing more in making the user experience better and friendly. From Voice Search to Link building to feature snippets, a lot is being expected this year.  

As now you are familiar with the current, latest SEO trends, it’s time to use it practically and evaluate how your website is working and how you can optimize it as per the trends.


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